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Avv. Joseph Gulino

DRRT Studio Legale


Class action negli USA.

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Class action e strumenti di tutela da danno da investimento


Joseph Gulino, Managing Partner, has successfully represented institutional investors in litigation in multiple jurisdictions around the world for over a decade. A U.S.-trained, multilingual attorney, Mr. Gulino is dual-licensed to practice in the U.S. (Florida, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.), and England and Wales. He is board certified in international law by the Florida Bar and represents DRRT’s clients in investor protection matters and securities litigation. 

Leading a team of skilled international litigators, Mr. Gulino directs major non-U.S. securities litigation cases, such as Vivendi SA, Saipem S.p.A., and Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena S.p.A., working closely with DRRT’s partner firms in several global jurisdictions. He has acted as liaison counsel for DRRT clients in some of the largest U.S. securities cases, including Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corporation, and Merck & Co, Inc. 

A member of Associazione Internazionale Giuristi di Lingua Italiana (AIGLI) and the International Association of Young Lawyers (Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats) (AIJA), Mr. Gulino has lectured on securities litigation and investor protection claims in Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg and has authored articles on investor protection in various French legal journals. In 2019 Mr. Gulino has also been appointed to serve on the Florida Bar International Law Certification Committee. 



Previously employed by one of the largest U.S. securities litigation firms, Mr. Gulino is a two-time recipient of the U.S. Department of Education’s Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, focusing on western European studies. He has worked as an intern with the U.S. Department of State, an attorney at a pro bono immigration agency, and as a consultant to the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for International Legal Education programs in Eastern Europe. He holds a master’s degree in international and public affairs from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public & International Affairs, specializing in global political economy. 

Mr. Gulino is fluent in French and Italian, has conversational knowledge of Spanish, and possesses elementary knowledge of German. 



  • "L’expérience allemande pour protéger les investisseurs, une leçon pour l’Europe ? » (The German investor protection experience, a lesson for Europe?), Option Droit & Affaires 2011 (No. 73, April 20, 2011) (France).
"Morrison v. National Australia Bank: Effects and Future Perspectives," American Bar Association (ABA)

  • Newsletter 2011 (Volume 6, Issue 4, January 2011) (USA) 
“A recent decision of the U.S. Supreme Court represents a radical change for the system of investor protection in the United States - La dernière décision de la Cour Suprême Américaine représente un changement radical pour le système de protection des investisseurs aux Etats-Unis,” Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (AIJA) 2010 (No. 24, October 2010) (France) 
“Morrison contre National Australia Bank, un arrêt à la portée internationale” (Morrison v. National Australia Bank, a judgment with global reach),” Option Droit & Affaires 2010 (No. 44, September 15, 2010) (France) 
“Actions de groupe : la Cour suprême siffle la fin de la partie pour les investisseurs étrangers” (Class action : the Supreme Court signals game over for foreign investors), LJA 2010 (No. 985, July 26, 2010) (France) .


  • Speaker, “Case Examination: Tesco (UK),” at Securities Class Action Services Webinar, 2015. 

  • Speaker, “Global Trends in Securities Class Actions,” at Securities Class Action Services Roundtable, New York City, USA, 2014. 

  • Panelist, “Myths and Realities of Financing Collectives Actions,” at ABA Seminar Increasing Access to Justice through EU Class Actions, Brussels, Belgium, 2013. 

  • Guest Lecturer, “International Securities Fraud Actions and Investor Protection,” at Università LUISS Guido Carli, School of Law, Rome, Italy, 2011 and 2012. 

  • Seminar Presenter, “After the storm: A comparative approach between U.S. and Europe on the consequences of the crisis on the legal environment applicable to the banks”, at AIJA seminar “Being a Banker in a Post-Crisis World: Risks and Liabilities,” Luxembourg, 2011. 

  • Seminar panelist, “The Global Fight Against Terrorism and Its Impact on Citizens’ Lives,” Madrid, Spain, 2008. 

  • Seminar panelist, Seminar on Comparative International Legal Education US- Ukraine, Yalta, Ukraine, 2003. 

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