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Dott. Oliver Novick

Equity&Claims Italia

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Lo sviluppo in Italia del litigation finance.

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Class action e strumenti di tutela da danno da investimento

Oliver has been active  in litigation finance  since 2011 when he first invested  in one of the early Therium litigation funding partnerships in the UK.

From 2013 to 2018,  he was responsible for overseeing  Therium’s litigation funding activities  in Spain  and Italy.

In 2018, he founded Continental Recoveries Limited, Malta, a boutique private equity initiative focused on litigation finance in Italy and Spain.

In 2019, he  launched Equity&Claims Italia  and similar companies in Germany, Portugal and  Spain to provide consulting and management services to international  investors  interested in deploying funds in  the litigation finance sector.

Earlier in his career, he was cofounder and managing partner of two of Europe’s early venture capital initiatives, raising  more than Euro 600 million from Italian and international investors.

Before that, he had various executive roles in US and European corporations, including Olivetti.

At the beginning of his career, he  practiced law in Chicago.

He lived in Italy from  1972 to 2000 and has lived  in Switzerland since 2000.

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