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Dr. Valentina Politi

Alset Studio

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Influence of communication on the growth and stability of the company.



The new forms of communication

Passionate about communication and marketing, creative, sunny, curious and full of energy, Valentina transformed her passion into a profession 10 years ago, at the age of 25, when she decided to specialize thanks to a Master in Marketing Management for International Business at the Faculty of Economics of Bergamo after graduating in Intercultural Communication for Business from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Bergamo.

A training that allows her to undertake a professional path that lasted about 8 years with the role of Global Marketing & Communication Specialist and Manager in the marketing office of SEI Laser, a multinational company active all over the world, where Valentina puts in place all the his knowledge and where he is enriched with experiences in a corporate and international context.

Rich in a multi-year cultural, educational and professional background and in full pandemic, she decides, at the beginning of 2020, to join the TEDxBergamo team with the role of Marketing and Communication Manager and, at the beginning of 2021, to seize the opportunities of her constantly evolving sector and strongly oriented towards digitization, specializing thanks to a Master in Marketing and Digital Communication at Il Sole 24 Ore in Milan.

Training instead of stopping. This has always allowed it to grow professionally, even during a period characterized by profound changes that further pushes companies to evolve to grow and not lose their competitive advantage.

In 2021 he joined OTO Agency, a digital marketing and communication agency with the role of Project Manager and then, after about a year, thanks to the numerous transversal skills gained both in the traditional and digital marketing sector, to start a new path in management, business and strategic consultancy for the development of entrepreneurial projects thanks to the first collaboration born with the different strategic, financial and communication consultancy companies of the Collitude group.

Today he develops marketing analysis, draws up Business Plan and deals with innovation, strategic marketing and communication.

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