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Luca Baj lawyer

Jlc Law Firm, Centro Studi Jlc

The civil party in the criminal trial.

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Class action and investment damage protection tools


After obtaining the scientific high school diploma at the Liceo Scientifico Lorenzo Mascheroni in Bergamo, in 1990, he attended the law degree course at the University of Milan, obtaining a law degree in November 1995.

He then attended the Chair of Philosophy of Law for a short time, as an expert on the subject.


After practicing forensics, he obtained the professional qualification . 

Enrolled in the Bergamo Bar since 24 November 1998, he first collaborated with several professional firms at the same time, gaining experience in civil and criminal law.

Qualified to practice before the Higher Jurisdictions.

Owner of the JLC law firm in Bergamo and soon to open in Milan.

He has constantly attended refresher courses, on some occasions assuming the role of speaker.

He has collaborated through publications on "M" of Milano Finanza (Class Editori Group), "Gente Money" and monthly magazines with provincial circulation.

He held a seminar at the chair of Philosophy of Law at the University of Pavia on the topic “The claim as a priori element of law”.

Trainer at ICAF (Conciliation and Higher Education Institute) - AIREC (Italian Association of Condominium Auditors), Milan.

Head of the legal area of Primosegno Edizioni Srl - Bergamé - Primosegno Week Magazine, ETF News, Primosegno Sport and VAL Valseriana and of Scalve Magazine (newspapers registered at the Court of Bergamo).

Member of the committee - financial criminal sector of Confconsumatori - National Consumers Confederation (registered with the CNCU - National Consumers and Users Council).

President and founder of Centro Studio Jlc.

He follows the scientific coordination of the training activity of ISC Mediazioni - Higher Institute of Conciliation - Bergamo.

Director of Gabetti's Register of Suppliers Academy.

He conducted professional refresher courses:

- on medical professional liability: “Professional liability, obtaining evidence”, September 2004;

- in the real estate and condominium sector: "Solidarity and partiality in the condominium" ANACI Bergamo, February 2014, accredited by the Bergamo Bar Association;

- conference on "Citizens, money and sustainability: towards a new economic citizenship", Parma, November 2015;

- on the subject of banking relationships, MBA Development, February 2016;

- in the real estate finance sector, MBA Development, March 2016;

- on the figure of the condominium auditor, ICAF, Bergamo, March 2016, accredited by the Bergamo Bar Association;

- on the condominium audit, AIREC, Bergamo, April 2016;

- on the financial market: “Savings in smoke. How to get out of the spiral of mistrust ”, October 2017, Library of the Senate“ Giovanni Spadolini ”, accredited by the Rome Bar Association;

- on the summary explanatory note to the condominium report: "The administrator's release pursuant to Law 220/12 and the condominium registry as a useful tool for carrying out the activity of real estate agents", April 2017 and July 2017, ASCOM - FIMAA Bergamo and Lecco, accredited by the Bergamo Bar Association;

- on safety procedures in condominium contracts: "Condominium administrator's operating procedures course", 13-20 May 2017, ICAF-AIREC Milan, course valid for the mandatory updating of condominium administrators;

- on the professional responsibility of the condominium auditor, Course for Condominium Auditors, ICAF-AIREC Milan, 6 June 2017;

- on the legal aspects related to the circulation of cryptocurrencies, events organized in collaboration with Markets Advisor, December 2017, January 2018;

- on the summary explanatory note of the condominium report, ASCOM - FIMAA conference, Bergamo, February 2018;

- on the right of access to evidence in investor protection processes, DRRT 10th International Investor Global Loss Recovery, Frankfurt am Main, March 15-16, 2018;

- on the use of evidence taken in criminal proceedings, in the context of civil proceedings, DRRT 11th International Investor Global Loss Recovery, Frankfurt am Main, April 03-05, 2019;

- on the damage from financial investment, organizing and holding a report at the IPA conference "Loss Recovery: between class actions and criminal proceedings", Bergamo, 22 November 2019;

- on "Deontology and communication", ISC meeting of the Higher Institute of Mediation, on 12 December 2019, as moderator;

- on "The purchase proposal: rights and duties of the real estate agent in its compilation", I agree with FIMAA Bergamo - Ascom, 7 February 2020;

- on "Rules of conduct and responsibility of the intermediary", Corso Istituto Superiore di Conciliazione Bergamo, 7 May 2020;

- on "Business crisis management", Cofidi Business Development course, 3 and 6 September 2021;

- on “Right to commission”, conference FI, MAA Bergamo - Ascom, 16 September 2022;

- on "Class cute as a protection tool", title of the report: "The civil party in the criminal trial", as part of the agreement "Improve 2022" entitled "VALORIZATION AND PROTECTION OF THE ASSETS: FROM FINANCE TO REAL ACTIVITIES" organized by Jlc Study Center, 25 November 2022;

- on "Innovation and preservation of company value", as part of the "Improve 2022" agreement entitled "VALORIZATION AND PROTECTION OF EQUITY: FROM FINANCE TO REAL ACTIVITIES" organized by Centro Studi Jlc, 25 November 2022;

- on "Innovation and preservation of company value", as part of the "Improve 2022" agreement entitled "VALORIZATION AND PROTECTION OF EQUITY: FROM FINANCE TO REAL ACTIVITIES" organized by Centro Studi Jlc, 25 November 2022;

- on "Perspectives of the real estate sector", as part of the agreement "Improve 2022" entitled "VALORISATION AND PROTECTION OF EQUITY: FROM FINANCE TO REAL ACTIVITIES" organized by Centro Studi Jlc, 25 November 2022;

- on “The new forms of communication”, as part of the “Improve 2022” agreement entitled “VALORIZATION AND PROTECTION OF THE ASSETS: FROM FINANCE TO REAL ACTIVITIES” organized by Centro Studi Jlc, 25 November 2022.


The firm has gained expertise in the various sectors of law, with particular regard to the activity of advisory and assistance in civil and criminal matters in the following areas:

- consumer rights, in particular for the protection of savings, for the safety of products, their circulation on the market and certification. He has assisted a total of thousands of savers in the Parmalat, Cirio, Banca Popolare di Milano, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Fonsai, BPM, Banca Popolare di Vicenza, Veneto Banca, Saipem, British Telecom processes;

- corporate law, providing consultancy for the implementation of company formation, acquisition, merger, sale of companies, branches of companies or company shareholdings;

- commercial law, in the drafting of commercial agreements;

bankruptcy law, in the various insolvency procedures, or taking on assignments on behalf of bankruptcy or insolvency procedures in general;

- the construction of operations to raise debt resources, with particular attention to the analysis of the company and its overall debt, to the financial impact in finding supplementary finance;

- financial law, with regard to derivative finance products and contracts (swaps, forwards, etc.);

- the implementation of projects related to the application of specific sector regulations, as well as the adoption of management and control systems also with regard to the Legislative Decree 231/2001;

- analysis of the structure of financial risks;  

- construction and acquisition of financial vehicles, aimed at managing and raising finance from institutional investors, qualified, and from the market (Holding, Financial Company, Asset Management and Sicav, Sgr and funds, trusts, etc); _ cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

- compliance, with regard to sector regulations applicable to issuers or offerers of financial products;  

- of market abuse.



- Criminal consumer protection. Computer fraud, banks and intermediaries, Key Editore / Cendon Libri, 2015;

- The Condominiums of private buildings and public residential buildings, Key Publisher / Cendon Libri, 2016;

- Criminal liability for the condominium administrator, Primosegno Edizioni, 2017;

- Banking diseases, forthcoming  with Primosegno Edizioni;

- Interpreting the new MIFID, forthcoming with Primosegno Edizioni;

- Directorate of finance and markets sections of Centro Studi Jlc;

- Derivatives and false accounting, forthcoming with Key Editore / Cendon Libri.


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