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Lawyer Lorenzo Del Giudice

Bochicchio & Partners Law Firm


Lights and shadows of the Arbitrator for Financial Disputes at Consob as a deflationary tool for financial disputes.

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Class action and investment damage protection tools

Lawyer Lorenzo Del Giudice is a partner and co-founder of the Bochicchio & Partners Law Firm. 

He specializes in out-of-court and judicial management of the relations of banks and financial intermediaries with customers in the field of consultancy, management, placement, order collection, negotiations and financial unauthorization; it also deals with trust companies and any problems relating to trusts and fiduciary registrations; on the subject of OTC derivative contracts he was arbitrator and secretary in various arbitration boards . 

Since 2000 he has carried out consultancy activities for the compliance function of primary financial intermediaries and collaborates in the periodic review of the contractual models in place with customers; it also deals with the management of relations between financial intermediaries and the Supervisory Authorities . 

Lecturer in training courses at financial intermediaries on market abuse and Legislative Decree 231/2001, he is also specialized in supporting organizational and regulatory adjustments in corporate and banking matters.

As an external legal consultant for Ambrosetti SpA, he elaborated and drafted the “corporate governance project” of various banks of a leading Italian banking group pursuant to the Supervisory Provisions no. 264010 of 3 April 2008. With Ambrosetti SpA he was the legal consultant in charge of drafting and adapting the organization, management and control models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 for various banking institutions of which he is an external consultant of the Supervisory Bodies pursuant to Legislative Decree 231 /2001. 

He is enrolled in the Special Register of Lawyers admitted to legal aid before the Court of Cassation and other Higher Jurisdictions . 

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