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Attorney Giovanni Rota

ISC - Higher Institute of Mediation


ADRs as a resolution tool.



The new forms of communication

After his high school-classical studies at the Liceo Paolo Sarpi in Bergamo he attended the Faculty of Law at the University of Pavia.

Graduated in 1996 from the State University of Milan 

Lawyer since July 2001 after having completed the professional practice:

-   in Bergamo, at the paternal office for civil practice;

-   in Reggio Calabria, at the law firm Azzarà and Cristarella for criminal proceedings 

He becomes a member of the Rota Associate Law Firm in Bergamo   since July 2001.

He attended the following masters:

Civil Matter

- 2005 Master in law and civil liability Milan led by prof. Pardolesi (LUISS University of Rome) and Ponzanelli   (University of Brescia);

-2006 In-depth course in medical and nursing home responsibility, Centro Studi Ateneo Bologna;

- 2006 seminar: The restoration of the testimony in the reconstruction of the road accident Prof. Antonietti Un. Cattolica of Milan,

- 2007 Scientific consultant at the course of the Province of Bergamo for the training of the Municipal Police of Lombardy on the surveys and the kinematic reconstruction of the road accident with particular reference to fatal accidents.

- 2008 becomes a member of the Association for the Study and Analysis of Traffic Accidents and participates in the conference: Protection infrastructures, driving monitoring.

- 2008 participates in the course in Bergamo on civil and medical liability of nursing homes and on the causal link held by Prof. Ponzanelli, prof. Pucella, prof. Pardolesi, dr. Travaglino magistrate of Cass. (author of the sentence on existential damage), dr. Chindemi magistrate of the Supreme Court of Cassation.

-2009 obtains the qualification of qualified mediator at the Ministry of Justice and establishes in Bergamo the mediation body Istituto Superiore di Conciliazione registered at n.81 of the Register of Bodies delegated to manage mediation as required by DM 180 / 2010._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

-2013 scientific consultant at the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Italy in Milan for the establishment of the Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation Body 

-2014 Master in "Business lawyer" Business school Melius Form Rome. 

-2020 Arbitrator qualification for Italian and international arbitrations at the Italy Concilia Arbitration Chamber.

-2021 Master: "the responsibility of the doctor and the health facility" held by Prof. D.  Chindemi Councilor of the Court of Cassation 

-2022 achievement of the title of Expert negotiator for business crises (procedures pursuant to law 118/2020)  

-Founder and Mediator of the Mediation Body of the Higher Conciliation Institute of Bergamo.


Professional activity

It carries out its activity at:

-   the Court of Bergamo with its office, Milan with address, Lecco with address;

-   the Court of Appeal of Brescia and Milan with an office in its headquarters;

-   Court of Treviglio with office in its headquarters;

- professionally deals with road accidents and civil liability, assisting individuals, insurance companies and health facilities with attention to criminal matters.

It has a family office present in Bergamo for over five generations, updated young and dynamic is organized to assist its customers on the Italian territory and is proposed for collaborations based on efficiency and customer service. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

-It offers services dedicated to companies: from consulting to debt collection, up to providing an External Legal Office for all the needs of legal assistance.

- offers innovative legal solutions to individuals. The strengths: tariff transparency, speed of response and experience in the area.

-   applies as contact person in Bergamo for the Leading Law lawyers and associated notaries firm . 

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