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Ing. Giovanni Caldara

EmmeA Project Srl

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Sustainable building.



Perspectives of the real estate sector



Graduated from the University of Brescia in Building Engineering-Architecture in 2008. Since the same year he has been enrolled in the Order of Engineers of the Province of Brescia. From 2008 to 2015 he collaborated with the Trombini real estate, dealing with the design and construction management of residential and commercial properties. From 2015 to 2017 he collaborated in Switzerland for the Tecno House company, dealing in particular with the management of the final phase of construction and the selection and installation of materials and finishes. From 2017 to 2022 he is a partner of the EmmeA Project srl studio which deals with the design, construction and renovation of Prestigious Properties. The target of customers is distinguished between private individuals and real estate operators for whom the design service is offered in compliance with a coded method that stands out in allowing planning and execution with certain times and costs.  


Since the beginning of his career he is interested in and deepens the issues related to energy efficiency and sustainability, he is accredited as an energy certifier in 2011 and over the years he deals with energy consultancy, drawing up Energy Audits, Energy Performance Certificates and Energy requalification of any type of building. Since 2016 he has undertaken the training course with the CASA CLIMA Agency following all the courses that lead him in 2017 to obtain the title of "CASA CLIMA ENERGY CONSULTANT". In 2019 he was included in the teaching staff of the professional training course "BUILD IN QUALITY" (80 h course on the most modern construction techniques and practices for the construction of Quality buildings) ". In 2020 he becomes an official BIOSAFE technician (prestigious certification mark for environmental healthiness in confined environments).

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