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Federico Luppi

Diodà Law Firm


Relations between the civil party
and the administrative manager.

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Class action and investment damage protection tools


From 04.11.2002 at the Diodà Law Firm in Milan.

From 08.06.2006 enrolled in the Milan Bar Association.

From 13.07.2018 enrolled in the register of Cassationists.

Delegate from ELSA (European Law Students' Association) to participate in the Forum on Indigenous Issues at the United Nations headquarters in New York;

Member of the LAF (Free Forensic Association) of Milan, where I worked as a trainer in the preparation courses for the written exam of lawyer.

He occasionally collaborates with the magazines "ex Lege" and "Criminal Law".


Specialized in Criminal Law, in particular: bankruptcy offenses; banking and financial market crimes; crimes against property and against the Public Administration; recycling; tax offenses; environmental crimes; urban / landscape crimes; administrative liability of companies, pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, for crimes committed in its advantage / interest; consultancy for Italian and foreign companies in relation to organizational models (231/01) and criminal problems relating to financial and economic transactions; culpable crimes (including those connected with the exercise of the medical / surgical profession); crimes related to accidents at work; IT crimes, crimes against the disclosure of copyright, protection of privacy.



Plane accident at Linate airport (assisted by the civilian responsible, for culpable disaster and multiple manslaughter);

Parmalat (assisted American international bank, as civil liability and administrative manager pursuant to 231/01, both in the Milan trial (rigging and false accounting) and in the Parma trial (fraudulent bankruptcy);

Helicopter accident in Carlazzo (CO) (assisted by civil liability, for culpable disaster and multiple manslaughter);

Ferrari-McLaren espionage (assisted the chief engineer of McLaren, for crimes of sports fraud and disclosure of trade secrets);

Port of Imperia (assisted manager of the Acquamarcia Group, for crimes of office abuse and aggravated fraud, building abuses);

International industrial group (located in Varese): assistance as a company victim of theft and exploitation of industrial secrets, carried out by a previous director;

Fincantieri (Monfalcone): accident at work of an employee (assisted by a director of the board of directors of the company, for willful omission of precautions against accidents at work and very serious personal injuries);

MPS: stock manipulation and false accounting (assisted international bank, as manager pursuant to 231/01);

Melzo Hospital: assistance from a radiologist for manslaughter;

Foreign fund: assistance in the context of a proceeding relating to tax crimes with respect to a permanent establishment;

Bergamo industrial group: assistance to the Employer and managers for fatal injury to an employee (manslaughter) and for bankruptcy and financial crimes;

Swiss Fiduciary: assistance in the context of a proceeding for criminal association and for transnational money laundering relating to tax crimes concerning the exploitation of the sponsorship rights of Formula 1;

Parma industrial group: assistance for the protection of industrial and commercial secrets.

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